Steve DeMasco, Ph.D.

Dr. Stephen DeMasco PhD. is an internationally recognized motivational and educational speaker. Engaging, inspiring, and entertaining, Dr. DeMasco has keynoted and conducted workshops on several topics including:

  • diversity
  • motivation
  • social and emotional learning
  • conflict management  
  • violence in the workplace
  • school violence
  • local, state, and federal law-enforcement 
  • active shooter(s)
  • safe schools
Grandmaster Demasco Profile

Dr. DeMasco understands diversity at it finest. Having grown up in the projects of Spanish Harlem NYC, with his paraplegic mother, he and his mom not only understood what it was like to be different but personally experience it for many years. Dr. DeMasco grew up believing and continues to feel that in Spanish Harlem, they were all the same- poor and on welfare. Everyone looked alike, same torn and worn clothes and all olive to dark skinned. In fact, Dr. DeMasco himself that he thought he was Puerto Rican until he was 7 years old.

When explaining his passion  “My mom never told me I was Italian. All of us experienced the same life challenges of our environment.  It wasn’t until 3rd grade when we moved to Massachusetts, and I couldn’t read or write like all the other kids my age, that I realized I was different. And that was just the beginning!

We lived in the projects in Brockton Mass in an area where all the other kids that went to my school were middle to upper middle class. I was ridiculed, made fun, constantly bullied and treated very badly, not only by the kids but the teachers as well. Even my mom was made fun of.  It was that time in my life that I decided to spend the rest of my life first learning and then understanding why people are treated differently because of the color of their skin, gender, religion, and socioeconomic status.   Once I understood that, I knew what my life mission would be.”

Dr. DeMasco has worked diligently throughout his life teaching others about why a gap exists and how to bridge that gap. Dr. DeMasco’s lectures and workshops on diversity and education in school districts, major universities, and Fortune 500 companies has helped thousands. He is well respected in his field, has many commendations including many from former president Clinton, and has been internationally published by Harper Collins. Dr. DeMasco is the former spokesperson to the President of The United States for education, the founder of several charitable organizations that help underprivileged youth, and has been recognized as an educational hero by the White House.

To have Dr. DeMasco speak or conduct a workshop at your place of business or school district, please contact Dr. DeMasco directly for availability at [email protected]