Not content to look back on his impressive list of accomplishments, Steve keeps his gaze toward the future, striving to create new programs to guide kids through the complicated and ever-changing issues plaguing our society.  As a genuine master teacher, he offers heartfelt stories, courageous advice, and working tools to help kids, parents, schools, communities, and corporations transform themselves and the world.

Steve DeMasco knows the new rules.  Growing up in the trenches of a challenged and underprivileged background, he learned not merely how to survive but to thrive.  He overcame many obstacles; triumphing in the face of extreme adversity, he provides a role model for adults and children alike.

Recognized by former President Bill Clinton and the United States Secretary of Education Richard Riley as one of our nation’s Educational Heroes; he is the founder of the Kids for Life Foundation, the Strength and Honor Foundation, a published author, accomplished speaker, community leader, the Ambassador and disciple to the Shaolin Temple in China, and a 10th degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo.

Secretary of State Colin Powell enlisted DeMasco’s participation in the U.S. Department of Education’s “Presidential Summit”.  He was appointed by Governor John Rowland to serve on the Connecticut State Commission on National and Community Service.  He has spoken at Harvard and Yale Universities about violence and the problems our society faces and was instrumental in creating a program linking the U.S. Department of Education with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

As a means to teach children respect, discipline, and self-control, Steve created the Cool Karate School book series, selling over 400,000 copies as well as The Shaolin Way: a life story/ Eastern Philosophy book published by Harper Collins.  He has been instrumental in developing motivational programs to keep children interested in education, as well as programs created to mitigate the violence and aggression that can hamper both adults and youth.

Steve combines his hard-earned life lessons and training in the martial arts with his formal education with a Masters Degree in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Philosophy, to create his unique approach.   Whether it is working with educators, business and political leaders, or challenged communities, his message transcends boundaries.